Professionalism in Makeup

We believe that professionalism is necessary in makeup service. It is seen that some of the artists do not heir their customer, they put themselves forward, being loud and rush, exuberant and overly confident instead of understanding it's not about them it’s about the person you're working for. Our team of makeup artists is caring, polite and good listener. We understand our customers need so we consider them instead of putting ourselves forward. We are flexible to work any hour of day or night, at any location, with all type of people. Our makeup artists are well groomed, pay attention on personal hygiene, neat and tidy in appearance. We are fashion conscious but not over the top. Artists are physically and mentally fit and strong. Artists are very creative and visual person so that they can actually foresee know what the end result will be before it is conceived. Every makeup artist here is good in his work and has willingness to be a part of team. Every makeup artists cooperate with each other to save time and get perfection. Artists also take care of their brushes; they keep them neat and clean. We do not use dirty brushes that have been used on someone else which is completely terrible and unhygienic to customer. We only use really good professional kit with prestigious brands and good products.

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