About Us

SNR Group of Makeup Artists is a team of professional makeup artists who is providing hygienic and expert service for makeup. We have separate artists for different work in makeup, for example for hair, we have hair stylists, for dress we have separate artist for its set up, for mehndi we have different artists etc. we have chosen different artists for different services for their expertise.

Our team is trained from Shahnaz Husain International Beauty Academy and other beauty training institutions. Team members are already experienced with professional beauty parlours and are from the background of bridal makeup, ramp makeup, fantasy makeup etc.

We do not just make you look pretty but we make your skin healthy to preserve it for longer. We provide treatments and therapies to you skin and hair for its health and improvement which make you look younger. We work in a team to give you our best service and save your time. We provide our services at your home so you don't have to walk out of your room and you get our service with the comfort of your home.